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About company

The company was established in 2004 as a green field modern factory in city of Zabreh, located in east part of the Czech Republic producing mainly city, urban, trek, ATB and MTB bikes (including lifestyle bikes and bikes for kids), owned by Schminke family who is operating in bike business more than 100 years as being one of the first bike producers in Europe. The bikes which are steel or aluminum based are exported to EU, mainly to Germany and Benelux states.

     The assembly of bikes is completely done in our factory starting with painting of components (botch powder and liquid based), wheel building (wheels assembled on 3 modern automatic lines Holland Mechanics) and final bike assembly. Currently the company installed new automatic state of the art technology for the painting process – Staubli robot based painting for liquid based colors and complete new automatic wheel building line – Holland Mechanics. Decals (decorative labels) are applied either above (ACC) or under the clear cote (UCC).  The operations are well supported by electronic warehouse system for storing components.

     Our strategy is reflecting product innovations with an outlook to start producing also e-bikes in a year 2020, providing complete bike portfolio in our product groups and with volume growth from today’s capacity of 50 000 bikes per year to 80 000 by 2021 supported by plant extension.  We also pay a special attention to flexibility and quality assurance to well satisfy the bike market demands.