Reliable OEM manufacturer

High quality e-bikes and bikes
crafted with precision for a global market

Our bikes

Our diverse range of bikes caters to every type of rider. From stylish and functional city bikes to robust trekking bikes, we offer options that fit various lifestyles and needs. Our electronic mountain bikes are designed for those seeking adventure with added power and efficiency, while our children’s bikes ensure that young riders enjoy a safe and fun experience. Each bike is crafted with precision and care, reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation.

In-house capabilities

Research & design

Before turning the Bill of Materials into a bike, we analyze and optimize each component. We also ensure that every idea is transformed into a functional and visually appealing product.


Our global network of suppliers and experienced supply chain managers work together to find the best solutions for each component, ensuring top quality and reliability.

Paint shop

Using powder and liquid-based primers and colors, our in-house paint shop guarantees the highest quality finish while catering to different needs.

Quality check

Our quality control team thoroughly inspects each bike model to ensure they meet our high standards before they hit the bike lanes and streets.

Trusted partner

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining long-standing relationships with partners across the globe. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and reliability has earned us the trust and collaboration of industry leaders worldwide. Through these strong partnerships, we continually enhance our products and expand our reach, ensuring that our bikes meet the diverse needs of customers in various markets.