Our process, your vision

We combine advanced technology, automation, and skilled craftsmanship to efficiently produce high-quality, functional bicycles at scale.



Our engineers and designers use advanced software to create and test bike prototypes. We collaborate closely with you to design bikes that are stylish, functional, and meet your needs.


Frame preparation

We meticulously clean the frames to prepare them for painting, ensuring a smooth, flawless surface that guarantees an impeccable finish and optimal paint adhesion.



Frames and parts are painted in a modern, automated system using powder or liquid-based paints. This ensures exceptional quality and flexibility for quick color changes.


Decal application

Once the paint is dry, we meticulously apply logos, decals, and various design elements using digital templates to ensure precision, consistency, and a flawlessly polished finish.


Wheels assembly

We use advanced machinery to assemble wheels to exact specifications. The wheels undergo lacing, truing, and tensioning to ensure they are perfectly balanced.


Bike assembly

Our assembly lines are designed to build both electric and pedal bikes. We use specialized tools and techniques to ensure accurate assembly of frames, wheels, drivetrains, and electronic components.


Quality control

We perform rigorous quality checks throughout the assembly process. These include alignment, bolt torque, and overall functionality to ensure every bike meets our high standards.


Finished goods warehouse

After passing the final quality inspection, the bikes are meticulously packed and sent to our finished goods warehouse, ready for prompt delivery to customers.



We ensure your bike is delivered on time and securely. We work with reliable partners to guarantee safe and timely delivery directly to your specified location.